How: To Stop Etisalat, Airtel And Glo Auto-Renew Of 10MB Data Bundle Subscription

Recently Most of the
communication network nowadays enable
auto-renewal of internet subscription from monthly data bundles to daily & even weekly data mb subscription…. they do this to enable their users, save themselves the stress of re-subscribing. But, this can be very annoying &irriatating as isn’t everyone that would want to subcribe every day, weekly e.t.c!

I have had my own fair share of this (experience) there was this day when bought a =N=200 etisalat card, which i wanted to use in making an important call, i proceded to load into my phone, but i 4got i had a previous daily 10mb subcription wich has not been DE-ACTIVATED.

Imeditalely i gut the card into my account bal, 100 was out . I was xo like pissed off.
(Airtel, Glo & Etisalat) are the networks that Enable Auto renewal)
Airtel mostly enable auto renewal on Blackberry Phones. etisalat On
mobile Phones.

1. NOW How To Stop Airtel Blackberry Internet Subscription Auto-Renewal
– To opt out of Airtel’s auto-renewal of
BlackBerry Internet Subscription.
stopautorenew to 440

then wait for the confirmation message
telling you its successfully. DONE!

2. How To Stop Etisalat 10MB Data Bundle Auto Renewal;
After subscribing to a data plan on etisalat network, it would automatically renews after it expires.
To stop this
Dial the bellow code.
*229*0# OR
Text Stop to 229.

3. For Glo Data Bundle Subscription Auto-Renewal Deativation.
Just send in a text message the word.
CANCEL to 127

After sending the text, you should receive a confirmation
message, telling you that your auto-renewal
feature has been cancelled.
You would only get to know how USEFUL this article can be when you have been a victim but, all the same “CHEERS”

This cool article, would help you save your airtime/credit in case of next time!!!
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